Entry #2


2013-01-20 01:42:46 by TehAnimatorsWaffle

yeah, i know i know.
i should post more stuff.
but im lazy, i have school, and stufffffffffffffffffff!!! good news is i got a new tablet, which means i can animate faster! :D
ive also been working on an adventure time spin off thing. so there's that.
i wanna do a skit, but i need a female voice actress, and the person i had in mind will probably never do it so yeah.
ive been having major artblock as well which is hard, because i wanna animate a couple short things, buuut. im inspirationless :T
ALSO! im going to be doing some stuff with RoZo hopefully. so there's that.
anywhale, this is the logo for the adventure time thingymabob.



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